Village of Wonder Lake: Fall 2016


Storm water enters our waterways unfiltered and untreated. Storm water runoff is all the water that runs off hard surfaces during rainstorms. This water does not seep into the ground during storms; instead it runs straight into streams, rivers, and lakes. Storm sewer drains are installed to carry excess runoff away from the areas where we live. Storm sewers do not carry excess runoff to the sewage treatment plant, as many people believe. The collected runoff is released directly into our waterways untreated. There are many reasons why storm water runoff can be harmful. Storm water should ideally be absorbed into soil and detoxified by natural processes, including microbial breakdown. In natural systems, rain-water is absorbed by the soil or plants on the ground.

However, when soil surfaces are covered with impermeable materials like pavement and housing, the storm water flows along these surfaces, picking up trash, harmful chemicals and sediment along the way and finally dumping them directly into our lakes and streams untreated. This is known as non point pollution. EPA experts believe that the biggest form of pollution today is non point source.

Many of the pollutants in our water comes from our everyday activities. This pollution is caused by all of us. Excessive nutrients released into our lakes and streams promotes unsightly and harmful algae growth. Sediments and garbage can ruin the aesthetic and recreational value of our waterways. Many of our communities rely on Lake Michigan for drinking water; these contaminants must be filtered from the water at great public expense. These same pollutants can also leak into groundwater, harming another important drinking water source in our region. The actions we take (or don’t take) during each day can contribute to the harmful contamination and degradation of our waterways. Fortunately, there are many small steps that everyone can take that will contribute to a better environment for us to live in.

Do your Part to Protect our Water Resources

• Dispose of unwanted household cleaners, chemicals and oil properly- take them to your local hazardous waste center or collection day.

• Take good care of your car- regular checkups will detect any leaks. Take the car to the carwash (most carwashes have water treatment systems) or wash it on your lawn.

• Pick up after your pets! It’s not only considerate, but also keeps harmful bacteria out of the water supply. Dispose of the waste in the toilet or trash.

• Lawn care: select a low-P lawn fertilizer and use only the amount recommended by the manufacturer. Avoid application of lawn care products before heavy rains- you’re wasting money and contributing to water pollution!

• Go Native! Consider using native plants in your landscape: once established, their care needs are minimal. Mulching around your plants keeps weeds down and reduces watering needs. You’ll end up saving money on fertilizers, water and pesticides AND keep those chemicals out of our water supply, too.

• Install a rain barrel: collect the runoff from your roof and use it to water the lawn and garden during dry spells. One inch of rainfall on 1000 square feet of roof equals 623 gallons of water!

•  Put the hose away and pick up a broom! Sweep excess lawn care products, grass clippings and dirt back onto the lawn, rather than washing them into the storm sewer (and our water resources)!

Provided by the Municipal Storm water Community Partnership Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission 6100 Southport Road Portage IN 46368 (219) 763-6060 Contact Mary Beth Wiseman, Environmental Planner for more information.

A Few Important Reminders:

* Please remember that the water service line from the water main to your building is the responsibility of the owner/renter according to the Village Ordinance #350. If you suspect a leak on the service line, contact the Vil-lage Hall at (815) 728-0839 or the water department at 1-866-371-5699 to verify a problem. Leaks need immediate attention and sometimes go unnoticed for months.

*Water bills can be paid online. Visit our website at to make your water/sewer payment in the form of: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. You may still choose to pay your bill online, by mail, or by dropping it at the Village Hall.

* No parking in grass or on easements

* Limit of two trailers per residence * No pushing snow into street.

• Trees and brush to be kept cut back from the street per ordinance 324. Also, please note: * The Ordinances are now codified and on the Village Web page located under the Village Government tab.

• Fall leaf pickup is the week of October 24 and the week of November 21.

Winter Wonder Walk

Come visit Santa at the Wonder Lake Chamber of Commerce! Winter Wonder Walk is on Saturday, December 3 from 10am until 1pm.

We need your input

Property has been donated to the Village, one of the uses suggested for one parcel is to establish a dog park. We need your input on the following: Would you use a dog park and pay an annual fee to maintain it? What amount would you be willing to pay to use the facility? Please email your response to Dennis at

From the 4th of July Committee:

The 4th of July Committee is exploring the idea of shooting the fireworks off of a floating barge. To do this we will need old pontoon boats. Anyone having a pontoon boats to donate or sell, please contact Dennis Palys at Fourth of July Festivities will be held on July 1, 2017.

From the Village Water Department

Now that summer is over it is a good time for residents to make any repairs on leaky faucets, toilets, outside spigots or other areas that may increase water use. Small leaks only get larger and can account for hundreds of gallons of wasted water. The Village of Wonder Lake encourages the practice of water conservation and in so doing requests that all residents do their share to maintain and promote the water conservation theme. If you have any questions regarding your water, please contact the Water Department at 1 866 371 5699.

Wonder Lake Girls Softball

Come sign your daughter up for WLGS- 8U, 10U, 12U! Please contact us at or look us up on Facebook. "New dugouts coming April 2017".

Trick or Treat Hours

Trick Or Treat Hours have been set for 3pm to 8pm on October 31, 2016. Please remember to dress your children with reflective clothing. Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!!!