Spring 2018

Scam Alert!!!
• Residents should not respond to requests for personal information over the telephone.
• The IRS will not request information from you through a telephone call. The police are NOT waiting down the block to arrest you if you do not respond to the caller’s demands.
• Your grandchild is most likely not in jail and money orders need not be obtained to se-cure their release.
• Another recent scam we saw was recruiting an unwitting resident to be a secret shopper and rate a stores service. They mailed out postal money orders and asked you to deposit them in your bank account and then utilize your banking information to make purchas-es. The money orders were fairly good forgeries and were worthless.
• Trust your instincts and follow up with your financial institutions to verify any requests for information.

Although we have found that most of these thieves are from out of the country and beyond our reach you are encouraged to contact the Wonder Lake Police Department if you have information regarding a scam at (815) 728-0535.